Guest Posts

Sometimes a trip to a new destination triggers another journey alongside: a journey to your inner self. 


Traveling raises questions you never asked yourself before. Traveling challenges your perspective on things and lets you see realities from different angles.


In this section I share the reflections of fellow travelers that I met along the road and who had similar experiences triggered by traveling. So I decided to create this little platform where all the mindful travelers can share their travel reflections.


Please send me a message in case you want to collaborate and write a guest post. I would be thrilled to share your story in this section.

Golf Isn't Fun? How My First Lesson Changed My Mind

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After writing mostly “useful and resourceful” posts in the last time, it was about time to write something more reflective again. Sometimes I just feel this urge to write, especially when I notice a change within myself or when traveling changed my perspective on things.


That's exactly what happened when I had my first golf lesson, while being convinced that I'd totally hate golf. And ending up enjoying it. A lot.

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My 5 Top Highlights from Copenhagen

Post written by Hugo Lisbona

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Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is one of Europe's coziest capitals, thanks to its large parks and stylish architecture. Despite its relative isolation, Copenhagen is a melting pot that welcomes people from all over the world. After spending an extended weekend trip in the Danish capital, I want to share with you my top five highlights from Copenhagen.

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10 Reasons Why Mauritius Should Be On Your Bucket List

Post written by Bianca Knauf

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Mauritius is a beautiful island nation known for its beaches, palm trees and turquoise waters. Anyone looking for an island getaway would be crazy to pass up a chance to explore this beautiful country. If you need any more convincing, here are just 10 reasons why Mauritius should be at the top of your holiday bucket list!

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Santo Antao - Cabo Verde: Una Isla para Senderistas

Post escrito por Fernando Guarch

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Hoy hemos salido de la isla de San Vicente con el propósito de conocer su isla vecina la isla de San Antón es la isla que queda en la parte más occidental del archipiélago y por lo que nos han dicho es muy interesante de conocer por su vegetación y sus cultivos. Parece ser que es una isla que se está preparando para el turismo de senderismo pues tiene unas vistas espectaculares desde sus picos el más alto de dos mil metros aproximadamente.

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Unique Things To Do in Milwaukee

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, may not be your typical destination for a city break. While Wisconsin is mainly known for its scenic natural landscapes and delicious dairy products, Milwaukee has everything you need for a formidable city trip.

I'd recommend staying at one of the lovely hotels near downtown Milwaukee since they're close to the city's main sights. You can visit many of Milwaukee's most important places of interest on foot or by car. Here's my selection of unique things to do when visiting Milwaukee.

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My Most Unforgettable Trips of All Time - A Personal Narration

Post written by Kazim Raza

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There is no denying that every trip changes a little bit from us. It is impossible to travel to a different place, to try new things, to live incredible adventures and then to return to the routine as if nothing had happened.


But there is no denying that some trips are more remarkable, some moments make you rethink your life and take your breath for a few moments.

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Visitar Orlando: Como pasarselo bien!

Post escrito por Brigitte Caceres

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Disney World Orlando

Para nadie es un secreto que viajar a Orlando es un sueño realizado, bien sea que vayas a los parques de Disney, a los de Universal Studio u solo de paseo por sus alrededores, la oportunidad de estar allí resulta asombrosa para todo el mundo sin importar la edad.

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Travel Not to Escape Life

Post written by Kelly Duhigg

athens, greece, santorini, travel, not eating, disorder, help, life, earth, world, tour, korea, strong, philosophy, reflection, food, discovery, discovering, personality
Exploring the quaint neighborhood of Plaka in Athens, Greece

I was 22 and it felt like my life was over. I didn't know what to do or where to go, but it felt like the pain would never end. It was a dark cloud that clung to the soul of my being; a cloud that destroyed who I was. This cloud eroded away all the joy in my life, and I just wanted it to end. Each and every day felt like I was nothing and had nothing and that I mattered to no one.

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How Negative Experiences Lead Me to the Best Decision of my Life

Post written by Rhiannon Robertson

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Street Art in Georgetown Penang

Ever since I was a little girl, I was fascinated by different culture and how different people lived in countries all around the world. When my cousin and I played with our barbie dolls - hers would have a big white wedding, a house, a husband and lots of children. My barbie wanted to travel the world, trek through jungles, stay with tribes in the Amazon or help build houses in Africa.

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To Travel or Not to Travel: Is That Really a Question?

Post written by Amy Rebecca Krigsman

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Castillo San Pedro de la Roca, Santiago de Cuba

“Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” – Mary Ritter Beard


For the last several years, I have been going on and on about being fed up with the 9-to-5 rat race that is my, and so many other people’s, life. I simply cannot reconcile in my mind working 40+ hours a week for 40 years to live on 40% of my income just to pay bills until I die. The circular logic alone is dizzying. But more than that, I have an insatiable lust to be anywhere but here, wherever "here" happens to be for the moment.

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