Enjoy Travel Discounts

Today I bring you a special post, which will help you to save money and travel cheaper.


Just to make sure that you can travel a bit longer. And who doesn't like to save a fe $ or € or £??


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Get 10% Discount on Booking .com

Booking.com is the largest hotel search engine in the world. They offer a huge selection of incredible places to stay – including  apartments, vacation homes, and family-run B&Bs, to 5-star luxury resorts, tree houses, and even igloos.


I mostly use Booking.com for my booking my hotels as I love their app and personalized service. On top, their customer service was very helpful when I had major issues with an hotel.


Get a 10% discount on your booking:


Valid for registered and non-registered travellers

Limited to 1 discount per account

Get your refund 2-3 days after finalizing your booking

Read here the rest of Terms & Conditions

Get Up to 20% on RentalCars

Who else loves road trips? As I don't own a car, I prefer to rent one if I can't make it to my destination by public transportation.


Don't you think that renting a car occasionally is another way of sustainable travel? Instead of owning one?


Here your discount for your next road trip:


There are no applicable conditions, discounts depend on the rental company and can be up to 20%.

Get 30€ Discount on AirBnB

I love to check out deals on AirBnB! Staying in an AirBnB allows me to enjoy a destination like a local. 


I mainly use AirBnB to book apartments when I travel with friends.


Only valid for new users

Discount only applicable for bookings over 65€

You'll see the discount before payment

Get 5% Discount on Travel Insurance

Never travel without a reliable travel insurance, because you never know what could happen. 


I trust World Nomads Travel Insurance who helped many travelers around the world in need. They offer 24hrs worldwide assistance.



Use the code "ONROAD5"


Get 15% Discount on Your Hiking Bottle

For hiking I love to take my Water-To-Go bottle whose nano filter technology keeps me safely hydrated, no matter what the adventure.


Their avant-garde technology allows you to purify water from rivers, waterfalls and much more.


You'll see the discount before payment

I hope you enjoy these travel discounts and I wish you loads of fun while being on the road. Safe travels dear readers!

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