Luxembourg's First Blog Award

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Your vote means the world to me :)

I am so excited to share the news: Luxembourg is organizing its first blog award!


First you might think: Luxembourg? Where/What is this?


(This question is not as absurd as it might initially seem: too many people asked me this during my travels or my expat stay in Spain...)


For clarity, take a look on my travel section on Luxembourg!


Ok, we got it, Luxembourg is a country


It's just a city, right? Like Liechtenstein isn't it? Ehm... nope!


Ah, got it, it's a tiny country in the heart of Europe... but is there actually more than one blogger? - Oh hell yes!

Luxembourg's blogger scene emerged about 8 years ago and has grown incredibly since then. And has no intention to stop.


There are of course food bloggers, fashion and travel bloggers. But also blogs covering interesting niches such as expat life, cockpit views or party decoration. For a closer look on Luxembourg's intriguing blogger scene, you can find most of them on 


Make sure to check out my favorites from the local blogger scene:

  • Anna's super colorful Fashion Blog : AnnaRosLily
  • Creative Digital Nomads living currently in Southeast Asia: Kinlake
  • Unconventional insights to Luxembourgish society: Madame Jael
  • Around the world with kids: Letz Fly Away
luxembourg, blog, blogger, travel, award, wort, kachen, food, ceremony
Flowers for your vote. Deal?

Vote for me :)

Of course such an expanding blogger scene deserves a splendid Blog Award Ceremony with prestigious partners like Villeroy&Boch, Miele, Cactus S.A., Luxembourg's most renowned hotels and many more.


Paulina on the road is participating in Luxembourg's first Blog Award and I am counting on... YOU!


At first I was super nervous to put my baby (aka my blog) out there on the stage. It took me some guts. I mean, people will actually vote if they like what I'm doing... OMG!!


If after careful study of the other super creative and talented blogs, you'll still vote for me, I would be literally over the moon! You'd just leave me speechless (...something very hard to achieve usually!)


So if you want to make a serious contribution to my happiness, then I invite you to vote for Paulina on the Road in the category "Lifestyle" here: 

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