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Welcome to my little Travel Scrapbook about slow and eco-friendly traveling! All of my (mostly outdoor) adventures are packed in short travel stories in English & Spanish. 


I'm the happiest when on a hiking trail, cycling path or a sailing boat... Positive side effects of this kind of travelling are mindfulness and time to interact with foreign cultures. That's why many of my posts focus on the intercultural aspect of traveling. Most of those articles can be found in "Travel Reflections".


Oh, did I introduce myself? I am Pauline from Luxembourg - Paulina for the Spanish - and a passionate travellette currently re-settling down in my native country... after an expedition of a lifetime: Boat HitchHiking over the Atlantic Ocean!


Here your can read more about my quest for the unknown and why I actually write in Spanish and English! My Travel Scrapbook brings you the hidden gems straight from the travel road!


I invite you to lean back and Discover, Learn & Embrace the Unknown!

 Let's hit the road together! - ¡Vámonos de viaje!

To be on the road is about...

Experiencing the unexpected.

Spotting the hidden gems.

Letting go & getting lost.


And it's about finding yourself at the end of the road.

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Best Instagram Places in Bruges, Belgium

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Let me confess you a little soft spot: for me personally, Bruges is the most romantic town in Europe. It just can’t compete with Paris or Venice. This opinion may be due to the fact that I like small towns, which are still not too crowded. Even though tourism in Bruges is growing with every season, you’ll still find many picturesque corners that invite you to sit down and forget about time. And take photographs of Bruges most beautiful squares and locations.


Let me take you on a photographic journey along Bruges most photogenic and scenic places. 

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5 Water Sports That You Must Try

Post written by Tom

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If you are a risk taker or an adrenaline junkie (like me), then you probably have participated in some pretty exhilarating sports and activities in your life time. Having fun in the water is undoubtedly one of the most adventurous activities, both kids and adults always appreciate. And for good reason, as Water Sporting offers plenty of ways to have fun, along with developing strength, coordination and fitness.


From scuba diving and snorkeling, to windsurfing and aqua-fitness, to kayaking and river rafting, you need to simply have the enthusiasm to plunge into waters and have a wonderful experience of a lifetime. However, among the many types of water sports, there are some that stands aside for being extremely dangerous and risky for life.  Let’s have a look at them.

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Where To Stay in Cape Verde - The Ultimate Guide

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It’s now almost one year that we visited Cape Verde and stayed on the archipelago during more than 1 month. In the context of our boat hitchhiking adventure, we sailed from Tenerife, via La Gomera, to Cape Verde where we were looking for our next boat to cross the Atlantic.


As things didn’t go as quick and smoothly as originally planned, my partner and I had plenty of time to discover this rather not so known travel destination. There’s always something good even if things don’t go as originally planned. This long stay on the Capeverdean archipelago allowed me to create a lot of content on traveling to Cape Verde and to develop my love for the criollo culture. One of the most frequent questions I get from my readers is what is the best place to stay in Cape Verde? What is the best island for my holiday?


Well, here it goes: The Ultimate Guide on Where to Stay on Cape Verde, one of most vibrant destinations I’ve visited so far.

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Winter in Algarve: 10 Things To Do near Faro, Portugal

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The Algarve is the most popular tourist destination in Portugal and one of the most popular ones in entire Europe. The sandy beaches and the impressive cliffs near Lagos attract people from all over the world resulting in a triplication of Algarve’s population during peak holiday season.


This means that you’ll be confronted with masses of tourists during the months of June - August, most of them being from the United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany.


In case you want to avoid the crowds, enjoy empty beaches and appreciate the vernal beauty of Algarve’s countryside, you’ll highly fancy the idea of traveling to Algarve during winter. Don’t worry about the weather: Algarve’s mediterranean climate boasts an average of 170+ hours of monthly sunshine from November - February. 


The perfect getaway during long, cold and grey winters in Northern Europe!

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Monte Carlo: Experience Glitz and Glamour of the French Riviera

Post written by Aiste

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Located in the country of Monaco, the picturesque district of Monte Carlo resides along the world-famous French Riviera. This small sovereign state is known for its opulence, luxury and many local millionaires, making it a top and exciting destination for many travelers. It’s the ideal destination to head to for a bit of indulgent R & R.


One of the most appealing things about visiting Monte Carlo is that you’re almost guaranteed a sunny day every day. This part of the world receives on average 300 days of sunshine each year. It’s the perfect place to visit if you want to relax and indulge without worrying about the unpredictable weather, as it enjoys the benefits of a consistent temperate Mediterranean microclimate.

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Where Not To Miss Out on Spanish Holiday in 2018

Post written by Chris

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When it comes to holiday destinations there is one country that has been dominating the minds of Brits for decades – Spain.


We have been flocking to these sunny shores for as long as anyone can remember and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down. It is a wonderfully diverse country from the cosmopolitan cities to the beachside holiday resorts to the quiet, quaint villages and we simply can’t get enough of it. It's also the perfect destination if you're visiting Europe for the first time. But where are the best places to go in Spain?


Fear not as we have picked out some of our favorite hotspots to ensure you have the time of your life on your next holiday.

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Hotel Review: Quinta do Lago Country Club in Algarve

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I’m just back from a short trip to sunny Algarve where I stayed at the lovely Quinta do Lago Country Club in the natural reserve of Ria Formosa. Traveling to Algarve during off-season does not only have a bunch of advantages, but staying at the Quinta do Lago will give to the necessary amount of rest and inner peace to confront Northern European winter at your return.


Indeed a little escape to the Algarivan sun during the cold February was especially appreciated. Whereas the Northern half of Europe is still covered in grey colors and cold temperatures, Algarve seems to be the place of eternal spring: birds are singing, the flowers are blossoming already in an infinity of colors and you’ll already be able to wear some pieces of your summer wardrobe.

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Best Outdoor Activities in Tenerife - The Ultimate Guide

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(Photo by Tenerife Tourism)

For those who travel to Tenerife and expect laying on the beach all day long is the only thing to do: you couldn't be more wrong! Although Tenerife, one of the most visited islands of the Canarian archipelago, is often limited to a destination for its holiday packages, it got a very broad range of fun options for those who are seeking a more active way to spend their holiday on the Canarian island.


Of course you can spend 7 days (and more!) a week testing Tenerife's lovely beaches, but you'd miss out a whole paradise for outdoor lovers and adventure seekers. After living on the island for several months, I can't wait to share with you my favourite outdoor activities in Tenerife.

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5 Things To Do In Trujillo, Spain

Post written by Walter Diaz

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Truijllo doesn’t get as much attention as some of Spain’s other top destinations, but it makes for a charming stop as you journey around the country. Located in the West of Spain almost equidistant from Madrid and Lisbon, Portugal, it’s an ancient town that has experienced a great deal of history.


Beginning as a prehistoric settlement, Trujillo has experienced Roman rule, Muslim occupation, and the turbulent era of exploration, and is now a beautiful town that’s excellent to relax in.


It’s not a massive draw in terms of attractions and the like, but there are still some specific things you should do there.

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18 Top Things To Do in Northern Portugal - Travel Blogger's Favourites

top things to do, places to see, where to eat, portugal, northern portugal, porto, douro, wine, winery, food, blogger, travel, visit, traveling, roadtrip, regua, pinhao, hiking, points of interest, places to go, where to stay, excursion, holidays, cheap,

Portugal has become one of the hottest travel destinations on this planet. Although it's now very known for its golden, sandy beaches in the Algarve and delicate tiles in Lisbon, Portugal has so much more to offer.


Especially the green Northern part of Portugal is an absolute surprise for most travellers. Indeed the area of Porto, Douro Valley and its quaint picturesque villages hold such variate gems as breathtaking landscapes, delicious food and warm-hearted people. In some areas, especially in the mountains of Tras-Os-Montes and Viseu, it seems as time's standing still.


A trip to Northern Portugal is a trip to re-connect with yourself. It's about indulging yourself and finding inner peace in front of breathtaking landscapes. Discover a vibrant culture, absolute silence in the Douro valley and enjoying the most delicious food and world-class wines. On top, nowadays Portugal is one of the best value destinations in Western Europe.

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7 Cosas Que Hacer en Lieja, Belgica

lieja, belgica, liege, que hacer, fin de semana, dia, hoteles, dormir, comer, bruselas, tren, brujas, como llegar, standard, aeropuerto, luxemburgo, bruxelles, vacaciones, que visitar, espana, madrid, blog, viajar, viaje,

Junto con Belgium, Uniquely Phenomenal, visité Lieja, una ciudad fuera de lo común en el Lejano Oriente de Bélgica. De las 3 ciudades que visitamos ese fin de semana (junto a Bruselas y Amberes), Lieja fue de la que menos sabía. Aunque está tan cerca de Luxemburgo, solo pasé unas cuantas veces cuando viajé en uno de mis medios de transporte favoritos: el tren.


Recordando así solo su estación de tren épica, no podía esperar para descubrir lo que Lieja está preparando para los viajeros ávidos.

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Water-To-Go: Keeping Safely Hydrated While Hiking in Madrid

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After 2 years, I finally got to see my hiking friends from Madrid! The Spanish capital is not only a town where I used to live and work during almost 3 years, but it’s also the place where I developed my passion for hiking. Indeed, the mountainous surroundings of Madrid are an excellent hiking destination. Every Sunday we used to go for long hikes of 5 or 6 hours.


After leaving Madrid for an epic Boat HitchHiking trip and settling down in Luxembourg, I couldn't wait to be back in Madrid for a trek in the mountains of El Escorial.


It was also the perfect opportunity to premiere my Water-To-Go bottle whose nano filter technology keeps me safely hydrated, no matter what the adventure. Indeed their avant-garde technology allows you to purify water from rivers, waterfalls and much more.

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The Greatest Gift of Travel: The People You Meet

Post written by Lynn P. Nieman

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To me the best thing about travel is meeting people — the locals and other travelers.


It doesn't matter if you've just traveled to a town 50 miles away from your home or if you've traveled 5000 miles to a completely different culture. Connecting with the locals is always a wonderful way to get a sense of the destination you are visiting — the history, the traditions and customs, the culture.


And meeting other travelers can lead to friendships — whether they be in the moment or lifelong.


While my stories — and my memories — include seeing a place or a site, the best stories and my favorite memories are about the people — the kindness, the smiles, the laughter.

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