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Welcome to my little Travel Scrapbook about slow and eco-friendly traveling! All of my (mostly outdoor) adventures are packed in short travel stories in English & Spanish. 


I'm the happiest when on a hiking trail, cycling path or a sailing boat... Positive side effects of this kind of travelling are mindfulness and time to interact with foreign cultures. That's why many of my posts focus on the intercultural aspect of traveling. Most of those articles can be found in "Travel Reflections".


Oh, did I introduce myself? I am Pauline from Luxembourg - Paulina for the Spanish - and a passionate travellette currently re-settling down in my native country... after an expedition of a lifetime: Boat HitchHiking over the Atlantic Ocean!


Here your can read more about my quest for the unknown and why I actually write in Spanish and English! My Travel Scrapbook brings you the hidden gems straight from the travel road!


I invite you to lean back and Discover, Learn & Embrace the Unknown!

 Let's hit the road together! - ¡Vámonos de viaje!

To be on the road is about...

Experiencing the unexpected.

Spotting the hidden gems.

Letting go & getting lost.


And it's about finding yourself at the end of the road.

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Visit Bosnia: Best Day Trips from Tuzla

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After buying impulsively the cheapest ticket to wherever, I landed in Tuzla, Bosnia. Hooryah, yet another unknown country to explore! ...and a shiny new stamp in my passport. It was the last weekend before I started working full-time, thus I had no criteria where to head. All I wanted to do was go explore.


Thanks to low-cost airlines connecting the Balkans with Western Europe, traveling to Eastern Europe has become very affordable. Even though most travellers only fly to Tuzla airport to continue their journey to Mostar or Sarajevo, I went for the slow-travel option and stayed 4 days in Tuzla, Bosnia.


After discovering the quaint city center and the only Salty Lakes in Europe, it was time to go on daytrips near Tuzla. 


I hope you're ready for majestic castles and enchanting lakes!

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Turismo en Kosovo: Que Ver en 3 Dias

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Mientras estoy escribiendo este artículo, ya estoy de en casa a Luxemburgo. Acabo de volver de una inmersión cultural intensiva en un país sobre el que no sabía casi nada. Me fui con solo unos pocos fragmentos de información sobre su pasado tumultuoso: Kosovo.


Aunque esta vez no pude seguir mi principio de viajar lento, puedo afirmar que aproveché al máximo. 3 ciudades que comienzan con P (Pristina, Prizren y Peja) en 3 días, 6 horas de transporte público, muchas cervezas con kosovares, unas de las personas más cordiales y generosas que conocí en mucho tiempo.


Sigue leyendo sobre que hacer y que ver en 3 dias en Kosovo y porque el país es un destino turístico emergente.

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Visit Bosnia: 6 Awesome Things To Do in Tuzla

what to do in tuzla, bosnia, herzegovina, sarajevo, mostar, travel, blog, visit, restuarant, food, where to stay, airport, cheap, salty lakes, war, bosnian, bus, ottoman, day trip, transfer, pannonica, beach, castle, map, tourism, visa

Shame on me: this post comes with more than 1 year of delay! In August 2017, I had to do it again: buy the cheapest flight ticket to wherever and go explore. This time it was the turn of Tuzla in Bosnia. Thanks to low-cost airlines connecting the Balkans with Western Europe, traveling to Eastern Europe has become very affordable. As I was about to start working full-time again in September 2017, I wanted to make the most out of my "last" long weekend.


Of course, I got to hear the usual stuff that every girl must be used to hear when they announce that they are going to travel solo to the Balkans. Stuff ranging from "Why don't you just go and kill yourself directly?" to "They grab your organs and sell them on the black market!", or "Is Bosnia already out of war?" (I am not making up any of these!)


So first things first, I am back home safe. With all my organs.


And secondly, here’s a full guide on what to see and what to do in Tuzla, Bosnia

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Essential Guide of Things To Do in Andalucia

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Spain is not only one of the most coveted travel destinations in the world, but also one of the most variated. The north and the south strongly differ from each other and every “autonomous community” has its very particular background, culture and identity. After living roughly 5 years in Spain, I still can’t decide which part of the Iberian peninsula is my favorite. 


The region I probably visited the most and that I have the deepest knowledge (and passion) for, is clearly Andalucia. No other part of Spain has this intriguing mix of cross-cultural heritage, art, nature and passion.


This essential guide on things to in Andalucia goes especially to first-time visitors and include Andalucia’s most important and beautiful highlights.

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Cabo de Gata: Best Beaches near Almeria (+ 1 No-Go)

almeria, cabo de gata, beach, resort, holiday, car, rental, apartment, camping, food, restaurant, what to do, airport, fly, cheap, budget, spanish, spain, andalusia, capital, how to, hiking, trekking, las negras, san jose, genoveses

One year after visiting Almería capital on my own, I went back to visit one of my fiancé’s numerous cousins. Last year I wished I could have visited the natural park of Cabo de Gata.


But as I was on a backpack/solo trip, I couldn’t find any mean of transportation that could bring me there.


One jump ahead: Cabo de Gata is off the beaten track. Maybe that’s why it was able to preserve its authentic, rough charm and its virgin beaches.

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Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Madrid - The Ultimate Guide

where to stay in madrid, spain, best neighborhoods to stay in madrid, what to do in madrid, hotel, resorts, city trip, city break, things to do madrid, prado, shopping, luxury, backpacker, tapas, boutique hotels, palace, where to eat

For too long, Madrid was overshadowed by its eternal competitor Barcelona. However in the last years Madrid has become increasingly popular among travelers for city breaks, shopping sprees, cultural visit or outdoor activities.


Madrid is not only to the perfect weekend city trip but also perfectly suited for extended stays which include day trips to the surrounding gems like Toledo, Avila or Segovia. Even though Madrid hasn’t the beaches of Barcelona, it has tons of other attractions that make the Spanish capital the perfect getaway. Often at much more competitive rates than its Catalan competitor on the coast.


After living in Madrid for almost 2 years, in several neighborhoods, I want to show you my favorite neighborhoods and places to stay in Madrid according to the expectations to your visit.


Well, here it goes: The Ultimate Guide on The Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Madrid, one of most vibrant European capitals out there.

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10 Top Things To Do in North Tenerife

things to do tenerife north, rent a car north tenerife, car rental, property, holidays, vacation, where to stay, resort, hotel, hiking, trekking, day trip, map, anaga, south, beach, airport, weather forecast, what tod o, activities, food

When traveling to Tenerife, many visitors skip the north for whatever reason: it’s too far away, there’s nothing to do there and it’s raining all the time, right?


Well, they couldn’t be more wrong and I guarantee that your trip to Tenerife can’t be complete without a visit to the green, unexploited north of the island. Indeed the regions such as Natural Park Anaga offer a wide range of activities.


Here my top 10 things to do in North Tenerife.

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My favorite City Breaks in Spain

Post written by Andres Perea

seville, spain, city trip, city break, shopping, town, best, things to do, what to do, where to eat, barcelona, flamenco, madrid, malaga, valencia, bull, flights, airport, how to get there

Spain is always a good idea! When again the weather is not best in Northern Europe, Spain is only a 2 hours flight away and the perfect escape. Be it for the food, the weather, the vibrant culture or the music. 


As cities within Spain differ a lot, I prepared a list with my favorite city breaks in Spain. Whether you’re looking for a shopping trip, beach life or party mood, Spain’s cities have got it all!

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Cave of the Winds: Perfect Day Trip from Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife

Post written by Hugo Perea

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(Photo by Tourism Tenerife)

Visiting Tenerife, Canary Islands, includes much more than beach and party. In the north of Tenerife Island there is a hidden gem called "La Cueva del Viento", a natural, volcanic attraction close to Icod de los Vinos town.


La Cueva del Viento (“The Cave of the Winds”) is the perfect day trip from Puerto de la Cruz, Santa Cruz de Tenerife or from any location in the South of Tenerife. Whether you’re a hiker or outdoor lover, or if you want to explore the natural and geological history of Tenerife, you just can’t skip this attraction. 

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Glamping in Spain: Historic Caves near Granada

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What comes to your mind when you think of glamping?


An enhanced version of camping? Yes!

A more comfortable way of enjoying and experiencing the beauty of nature and great outdoors? Yes, yes, yes!


But would you also associate it with utterly surprising accommodation locations?


This wasn't my case until I stayed for a glamping experience in a historic cave near Granada with Glamping Hub. From tree houses to house boats, there is no location that is too creative to be featured on the Glamping site per excellence.


After discovering that they even offer accommodation in the historic caves near Granada, I just couldn't resist to plunge in a very special glamping experience.

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Where To Stay in Cape Verde - The Ultimate Guide

where to stay in cape verde, holidays, budget, cheap, resort, all inclusive, what to do, family, beach, luxury, best place to stay, deals, holiday, resorts, apartment, airport, when to travel, what to do, things to do, sal island, boa vista, activities

It’s now almost one year that we visited Cape Verde and stayed on the archipelago during more than 1 month. In the context of our boat hitchhiking adventure, we sailed from Tenerife, via La Gomera, to Cape Verde where we were looking for our next boat to cross the Atlantic.


As things didn’t go as quick and smoothly as originally planned, my partner and I had plenty of time to discover this rather not so known travel destination. There’s always something good even if things don’t go as originally planned. This long stay on the Capeverdean archipelago allowed me to create a lot of content on traveling to Cape Verde and to develop my love for the criollo culture. One of the most frequent questions I get from my readers is what is the best place to stay in Cape Verde? What is the best island for my holiday?


Well, here it goes: The Ultimate Guide on Where to Stay on Cape Verde, one of most vibrant destinations I’ve visited so far.

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Winter in Algarve: 10 Things To Do near Faro, Portugal

winter in algarve, portugal, things to do, faro, portimao, holidays, beaches, top beaches, sandy, food, where to eat, restaurants, resorts, cheap hotels, quinta do lago, golf, birdwatching, local food, weather, map, off-season

The Algarve is the most popular tourist destination in Portugal and one of the most popular ones in entire Europe. The sandy beaches and the impressive cliffs near Lagos attract people from all over the world resulting in a triplication of Algarve’s population during peak holiday season.


This means that you’ll be confronted with masses of tourists during the months of June - August, most of them being from the United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany.


In case you want to avoid the crowds, enjoy empty beaches and appreciate the vernal beauty of Algarve’s countryside, you’ll highly fancy the idea of traveling to Algarve during winter. Don’t worry about the weather: Algarve’s mediterranean climate boasts an average of 170+ hours of monthly sunshine from November - February. 


The perfect getaway during long, cold and grey winters in Northern Europe!

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Where Not To Miss Out on Spanish Holiday in 2018

Post written by Chris

visit spain, andalusia, holiday, madrid, barcelona, beach, cheap, resort, all inclusive, travel, blog, blogger, where to stay, mallorca, benidorm, flights, tenerife, canary islands, activities

When it comes to holiday destinations there is one country that has been dominating the minds of Brits for decades – Spain.


We have been flocking to these sunny shores for as long as anyone can remember and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down. It is a wonderfully diverse country from the cosmopolitan cities to the beachside holiday resorts to the quiet, quaint villages and we simply can’t get enough of it. It's also the perfect destination if you're visiting Europe for the first time. But where are the best places to go in Spain?


Fear not as we have picked out some of our favorite hotspots to ensure you have the time of your life on your next holiday.

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Hotel Review: Quinta do Lago Country Club in Algarve

portugal, algarve, where to stay, what to do, quinta do lago, country club, golf, courses, field, birdwatching, beach, sea, ocean, faro, what to do, what to see, best beaches, resort, holiday, cheap, conrad, property, loule, vilamoura

I’m just back from a short trip to sunny Algarve where I stayed at the lovely Quinta do Lago Country Club in the natural reserve of Ria Formosa. Traveling to Algarve during off-season does not only have a bunch of advantages, but staying at the Quinta do Lago will give to the necessary amount of rest and inner peace to confront Northern European winter at your return.


Indeed a little escape to the Algarivan sun during the cold February was especially appreciated. Whereas the Northern half of Europe is still covered in grey colors and cold temperatures, Algarve seems to be the place of eternal spring: birds are singing, the flowers are blossoming already in an infinity of colors and you’ll already be able to wear some pieces of your summer wardrobe.

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Where To Stay in Spain- Travel Blogger's Favourites

where to stay in spain, hotel, resort, spain, travel, blogger, recommend cheap, budget, deal, best place to stay, holiday letting, villa, barcelona, costa del sol, ibiza, luxury,  accommodation, spanish, apartment, sef-catering, granada, alhambra

Spain is one of the hottest travel destinations on this planet. Although it was only in the late 60's when the Spanish tourist industry started to grow as dictator Franco decided to open the country and liberalism started creeping in, Spain is nowadays one of the most visited countries.


Today Spain is ranked second in the world, in terms of being a foreign tourist destination.


With millions of visitors in 2015, it was the third most-visited country in the world.  And with the crisis in several Arab countries, former coveted travel destinations, Spain’s popularity is only growing more.

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Best Outdoor Activities in Tenerife - The Ultimate Guide

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(Photo by Tenerife Tourism)

For those who travel to Tenerife and expect laying on the beach all day long is the only thing to do: you couldn't be more wrong! Although Tenerife, one of the most visited islands of the Canarian archipelago, is often limited to a destination for its holiday packages, it got a very broad range of fun options for those who are seeking a more active way to spend their holiday on the Canarian island.


Of course you can spend 7 days (and more!) a week testing Tenerife's lovely beaches, but you'd miss out a whole paradise for outdoor lovers and adventure seekers. After living on the island for several months, I can't wait to share with you my favourite outdoor activities in Tenerife.

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