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Welcome to my little Travel Scrapbook about slow and eco-friendly traveling! All of my (mostly outdoor) adventures are packed in short travel stories in English & Spanish. 


I'm the happiest when on a hiking trail, cycling path or a sailing boat... Positive side effects of this kind of travelling are mindfulness and time to interact with foreign cultures. That's why many of my posts focus on the intercultural aspect of traveling. Most of those articles can be found in "Travel Reflections".


Oh, did I introduce myself? I am Pauline from Luxembourg - Paulina for the Spanish - and a passionate travellette currently re-settling down in my native country... after an expedition of a lifetime: Boat HitchHiking over the Atlantic Ocean!


Here your can read more about my quest for the unknown and why I actually write in Spanish and English! My Travel Scrapbook brings you the hidden gems straight from the travel road!


I invite you to lean back and Discover, Learn & Embrace the Unknown!

 Let's hit the road together! - ¡Vámonos de viaje!

To be on the road is about...

Experiencing the unexpected.

Spotting the hidden gems.

Letting go & getting lost.


And it's about finding yourself at the end of the road.

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Latest Posts

KLOW: a Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Experience

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Today I bring you a more fashionable post! I love to wear clothes that are inspired by wanderlust, but on the other hand I try to limit my shopping sprees due to the negative environmental impacts of the fashion industry.. I want to buy less but more consciously, taking into consideration the impact of the clothes I buy.


That’s how I naturally came across KLOW, a platform promoting fashion with a commitment for the environment and our health. A brand that invites to consume responsibly without losing sight of fashion, design and elegance.

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Weekend Breaks in Belgium: The Ardennes

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I am a huge fan of weekend breaks! (Who isn’t, right?) It’s just the perfect way to discover the surroundings of your current base. It’s not only a way of slow traveling, but also to travel in a more sustainable way.  


Now that I am back in my home country, Luxembourg, I love to discover its surroundings with “new” eyes. At the end, even home countries can satisfy the chronic wanderlust of a frenetic traveler like me.


Let me take you on a weekend break, right across the Luxembourgish border, to the green lung of Belgium: the Ardennes! A region that will make every foodie’s and outdoor lover’s heart beat faster!

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10 Top Things To Do in North Tenerife

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When traveling to Tenerife, many visitors skip the north for whatever reason: it’s too far away, there’s nothing to do there and it’s raining all the time, right?


Well, they couldn’t be more wrong and I guarantee that your trip to Tenerife can’t be complete without a visit to the green, unexploited north of the island. Indeed the regions such as Natural Park Anaga offer a wide range of activities.


Here my top 10 things to do in North Tenerife.

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Visit Kosovo: 3-Day Itinerary to Pristina, Prizren and Peja

things to do in kosovo, what to do, travel itinerary, pristina, prizren, peja, serbia, war, albania, mosque, dangerous, food, where to stay, visit kosovo, how to get there

As I am writing this, I am driving back home to Luxembourg after an intensive cultural immersion in a country about I hardly knew anything before visiting. With only a few tidbits of information about its tumultuous past, I traveled to Kosovo.


Although this time I couldn't follow my lead of travelling slow, I feel confident to claim that I made the most out of it. 3 cities starting with P (Pristina, Prizren and Peja) in 3 days, 6 hours of public transportation, including (too) many beers with local Kosovars, some of the most warm-hearted and generous people I met in a long time. 


Read more about how to make the most out of your 3 days in Kosovo.

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My favorite City Breaks in Spain

Post written by Andres Perea

seville, spain, city trip, city break, shopping, town, best, things to do, what to do, where to eat, barcelona, flamenco, madrid, malaga, valencia, bull, flights, airport, how to get there

Spain is always a good idea! When again the weather is not best in Northern Europe, Spain is only a 2 hours flight away and the perfect escape. Be it for the food, the weather, the vibrant culture or the music. 


As cities within Spain differ a lot, I prepared a list with my favorite city breaks in Spain. Whether you’re looking for a shopping trip, beach life or party mood, Spain’s cities have got it all!

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A Weekend in The Hague: 15 Top Things To Do

things to do in the hague, den haag, netherlands, city break, amsterdam, cheap, holland, what to do in the hague, surfing, scheveningen, where to eat, where to stay, beach, food, restaurants, weekend trip, city trip, points of interest, visit, travel blog

Good morning from the political capital of the Netherlands: The Hague! Also known as the unagitated contrast of Amsterdam, Den Haag, lures us with its unique combination of cool city life and laid-back beach vibes. The perfect getaway and city break for a long weekend. But who’d guess that there is much more to do in The Hague and its seaside resort Scheveningen than only beach & mere city life?


From Urban Farming to Chinatown and top kitesurfing locations, The Hague and Scheveningen seem to be the perfect weekend getaway for active and culturally interested travellers.


Join me on a long weekend in The Hague and full of city vibes and beach fun.

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Trinidad & Tobago: 11 Things To Do in Trinidad Island

what to do in trinidad, island, things to do, tobago, hotels in trinidad, holidays, beaches, resorts, hiking, trekking, waterfall, what to eat, food, Caribbean,  attractions, tourism, vacation, hindu, carnival, plantation, chocolate, port of spain, cocoa

One of the most fascinating and surprising countries we visited on our boat-hitchhiking trip across the Atlantic was definitely Trinidad and Tobago. I immediately fell in love with the combination of Caribbean lifestyle, Indian heritage and European legacy. For a second, my partner and I could even imagine to live & work here for a longer time. 


What is it that makes Trinidad and Tobago so irresistible but still a not so known travel destination?


Read on why you should definitely include Trinidad island of the 2-island state in your upcoming travel plans.

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Cave of the Winds: Perfect Day Trip from Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife

Post written by Hugo Perea

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(Photo by Tourism Tenerife)

Visiting Tenerife, Canary Islands, includes much more than beach and party. In the north of Tenerife Island there is a hidden gem called "La Cueva del Viento", a natural, volcanic attraction close to Icod de los Vinos town.


La Cueva del Viento (“The Cave of the Winds”) is the perfect day trip from Puerto de la Cruz, Santa Cruz de Tenerife or from any location in the South of Tenerife. Whether you’re a hiker or outdoor lover, or if you want to explore the natural and geological history of Tenerife, you just can’t skip this attraction. 

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Glamping in Spain: Historic Caves near Granada

glamping, spain, cave, granada, guadix, cueva, outdoors, camping, costa del sol, how to get there, andalusia, food, alhambra, holidays in spain, cheap, caravan, camp sites, europe, travel blogger, travel, glamping pods, glamping holidays, luxury, badlands

What comes to your mind when you think of glamping?


An enhanced version of camping? Yes!

A more comfortable way of enjoying and experiencing the beauty of nature and great outdoors? Yes, yes, yes!


But would you also associate it with utterly surprising accommodation locations?


This wasn't my case until I stayed for a glamping experience in a historic cave near Granada with Glamping Hub. From tree houses to house boats, there is no location that is too creative to be featured on the Glamping site per excellence.


After discovering that they even offer accommodation in the historic caves near Granada, I just couldn't resist to plunge in a very special glamping experience.

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7 Best Hiking Trails in Japan

Post written by Tiffy

hiking trail, japan, kyoto, mount fuji, trekking, guided tours, kumano kodo, where to stay, what to eat, what to see, walk, nakasendo, best walks, trekking tours, hiking boots, blogger, travel blog

Japan is home to some of the best hiking trails in the world. There are many awe-inspiring views just waiting to be discovered. There are trails for those extreme adventure seekers, and trails for those individuals wanting to take a leisurely hike. Some of the best sites in the world happen to be off the beaten path.


You never know what you can find in Japan. You may be fortunate enough to stumble upon an active volcano, or even an old temple. With so many options it can be difficult to narrow down a prospective list.


Below you will find 7 of the best hiking trails in Japan.

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Best Instagram Places in Bruges, Belgium

bruges, photo, photography, what to do, things to do, best places, best spots, square tower, where to sleep, what to see, where to eat, food, brussels, day trip, train, history, square, market, beguinage, brugge, beer

Let me confess you a little soft spot: for me personally, Bruges is the most romantic town in Europe. It just can’t compete with Paris or Venice. This opinion may be due to the fact that I like small towns, which are still not too crowded.


Even though tourism in Bruges is growing with every season, you’ll still find many picturesque corners that invite you to sit down and forget about time. And take photographs of Bruges most beautiful squares and locations.


Let me take you on a photographic journey along Bruges most photogenic and scenic places. 

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5 Water Sports That You Must Try

Post written by Tom

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If you are a risk taker or an adrenaline junkie (like me), then you probably have participated in some pretty exhilarating sports and activities in your life time. Having fun in the water is undoubtedly one of the most adventurous activities, both kids and adults always appreciate. And for good reason, as Water Sporting offers plenty of ways to have fun, along with developing strength, coordination and fitness.


From scuba diving and snorkeling, to windsurfing and aqua-fitness, to kayaking and river rafting, you need to simply have the enthusiasm to plunge into waters and have a wonderful experience of a lifetime. However, among the many types of water sports, there are some that stands aside for being extremely dangerous and risky for life.  Let’s have a look at them.

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Where To Stay in Cape Verde - The Ultimate Guide

where to stay in cape verde, holidays, budget, cheap, resort, all inclusive, what to do, family, beach, luxury, best place to stay, deals, holiday, resorts, apartment, airport, when to travel, what to do, things to do, sal island, boa vista, activities

It’s now almost one year that we visited Cape Verde and stayed on the archipelago during more than 1 month. In the context of our boat hitchhiking adventure, we sailed from Tenerife, via La Gomera, to Cape Verde where we were looking for our next boat to cross the Atlantic.


As things didn’t go as quick and smoothly as originally planned, my partner and I had plenty of time to discover this rather not so known travel destination. There’s always something good even if things don’t go as originally planned. This long stay on the Capeverdean archipelago allowed me to create a lot of content on traveling to Cape Verde and to develop my love for the criollo culture. One of the most frequent questions I get from my readers is what is the best place to stay in Cape Verde? What is the best island for my holiday?


Well, here it goes: The Ultimate Guide on Where to Stay on Cape Verde, one of most vibrant destinations I’ve visited so far.

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