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spotting the hidden gems.

 Letting go & getting lost.

And it's about finding yourself at the end of the road.

Paulina on the road is about hidden travel gems off the beaten track. All of them packed in short travel stories in English & Spanish. I'm happiest when I can travel slowly in an eco-friendly way like biking, hiking or boating. Positive side effects are mindfulness and time to interact with foreign cultures. That's why many of my posts focus on the intercultural aspect of traveling: I try to transmit what I've learned by meeting cultures that are different from my own. Most of those articles can be found in "Travel Reflections".


Oh, did I introduce myself? I am Pauline from Luxembourg - Paulina for the Spanish - and a passionate travellette currently re-settling down in my native country. The article's photos are not edited: I want the natural beauty to shine through! Here your can read more about my quest for the unknown and why I actually write in Spanish and English! My Travel Scrapbook brings you the hidden gems straight from the travel road!


I invite you to lean back and Discover, Learn and Embrace the Unknown!

 Let's hit the road together! - ¡Vámonos de viaje!

How to Make Memories That Will Last Forever

Post written by Ingrid Kirita

trieste, guest post, blog, paulina on the road.
Descending from San Giusto Castle in Trieste, towards the city center

As long as you live you learn. Or at least that is how it should be. And I'm not talking only about studying, the years and years spent in school or the training done at work. I'm talking about learning from life, from experiences every day bring your way. While in school, my favorite subjects were history and geography and I was always the best in class.

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25 Photos That Will Make You Want to Travel to Tenerife

santa cruz, tenerife, spain, city, shopping, restaurant, what to do, espana, cesar manrique, concepcion, adan martin, auditorio, park, plaza

Tenerife is much more than package holidays! The island has infinite hiking options, delicious and exotic food. Its people are some of the kindest I met on my travels.


After working 3 months on this beautiful Canarian island, I realized that Tenerife is not only a perfect destination for expats but that a natural paradise is hidden behind the hotel blocks.


In order to show you the other side of Tenerife, I put this little selection together. I hope that these photos will make you want to travel to Tenerife...NOW


Oh, and as always, the pictures of the post are not edited. I wanted to let the natural beauty shine through them.


[Versión española abajo]

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6 Cosas Que Hacer en Sao Vicente, Cabo Verde

mindelo, cabo verde, cape verde, what to do, sao vicente, hiking, food, restaurant, marina, senderismo, boat, party, music, shopping, outdoor, trekking

¡São Vicente es mucho más que Mindelo! A pesar de que el 93% de la población de la isla vive en la capital, São Vicente tiene mucho que ofrecer a sus visitantes. Y si quieres desconectar del estrés de la ciudad y sus infinitas opciones de ocio, entonces una excursión al campo de São Vicente es justo lo que necesitas.

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6 Top Hikes in Santo Antao, Cape Verde

mindelo, cabo verde, cape verde,santo antao, hiking, trekking, hike, trail, what to do, sao vicente, food, restaurant, marina, boat, party, music, shopping, outdoor, ferry, africa, portugal, views, landscapes, ocean

Santo Antão, the second largest island of the Capeverdean archipelago, is a paradise for hikers. Breathtaking views, monumental valleys, houses built in almost vertical valley sides, vertiginous trekking trails... All of this surrounded by still intact nature and an agriculture nourishing entire Cape Verde. The trails are well maintained and often used on a daily basis by locals. Don't be surprised when a granny carrying a big basket full of vegetables will overtake you on your trek... Most trails connect several villages and are well indicated. In case you get lost, just ask locals mentioning the name of the village that you are heading to. Some of these 8 creole expressions might be very helpful as well. 


The number of hikes that you can do on Santo Antão, seems to be infinite. After staying 10 days, we've only seen half of the island and there were still some trails left that we wanted to explore. Here my selection of Santo Antão's most spectacular hikes!

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8 Expresiones Utiles Si Viajas a Cabo Verde

viajar, santo antao, mindelo, cabo verde, cape verde, expresiones, kriol, criollo, creole, what to do, sao vicente, hiking, food, restaurant, marina, boat, party, music, shopping, outdoor, trekking

Tras pasar 1 mes en Cabo Verde, pasando por al Isla de Sal a São Vicente a Santo Antão y volviendo a Mindelo en São Vicente... os aseguro que querría aprender absolutamente algunas expresiones útiles. Los cabverdianos hablan "kriol", pero consideran el portugués como su segundo idioma. En función de la isla, el inglés es ampliamente hablado. Sin embargo si quieres hacer verdaderas amistades o entrar en contacto con los cabverdianos, te he apuntado algunas expresiones criollas muy útiles.


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8 Useful Expressions When Traveling To Cape Verde

mindelo, cabo verde, cape verde, what to do, sao vicente, hiking, food, restaurant, marina, boat, party, music, shopping, outdoor, trekking

After spending one month in Cape Verde, passing from Sal Island to Sao Vicente on to Santo Antao and back to Mindelo, Sao Vicente... I can assure you I really wanted to learn some useful expressions. Capeverdean people speak "kriol", but consider Portuguese as their second language. Depending on the island, English is widely spoken as well. But if you want to make real connections with the locals or simply come closer to the Capeverdean vibe, I can only recommend to bear the following expressions (in creole) in mind.

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6 Things To Do in Sao Vicente, Cape Verde

mindelo, cabo verde, cape verde, what to do, sao vicente, hiking, food, restaurant, marina, boat, party, music, shopping, outdoor, trekking

São Vicente is much more than Mindelo! Although 93% of the island's population live in its capital, São Vicente has a lot to offer to its visitors. And if you need to disconnect from the city's tumult and its almost infinite leisure options, then an excursion to the country side of São Vicente is exactly what you need.

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