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Paulina on the road is about hidden travel gems off the beaten track. All of them packed in short travel stories in English & Spanish. I'm happiest when I can travel slowly in an eco-friendly way like biking, hiking or boating. Positive side effects are mindfulness and time to interact with foreign cultures. That's why many of my posts focus on an intercultural aspect of traveling. Most of those articles can be found in "Travel Reflections".


Oh, did I introduce myself? I am Pauline from Luxembourg - Paulina for the Spanish - and a passionate travellette currently re-settling down in my native country. The article's photos are not edited: I want the natural beauty to shine through!


Here your can read more about my quest for the unknown and why I actually write in Spanish and English! My Travel Scrapbook brings you the hidden gems straight from the travel road!


I invite you to lean back and Discover, Learn & Embrace the Unknown!

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10 Things To Do in Liechtenstein

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The Principality of Liechtenstein is one of the smallest countries in the world. This little country literally seems to live up to the saying "Small but Powerful": in only a few years, the principality went from an agricultural state to one of the richest countries on this planet.


Despite its reduced size, this micro state ranks in the top positions of many international rankings. Economically, Liechtenstein has one of the highest gross domestic products per person in the world. The unemployment rate is one of the lowest in the world at 1.5%.


But Liechtenstein is not only strong in numbers but also an attractive travel destination. Especially if you enjoy breathtaking mountain panoramas and outdoor sports in the Alps. Discover the top things to do in this cute little country of only 160 square kilometers.

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South Trinidad Island: Hindu Temples & Pitch Lake

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After spending a couple of days discovering Trinidad's lovely beaches and breath-taking waterfalls, we decided to discover the south of Trinidad island. By that time we already knew that we could never make it to Tobago island since we had only 3 days left before our flight would bring us back to Barbados. 

Such a pity, since all the Trinidadians we met talked with luminous eyes about Trinidad's neighbor island. Since then Tobago moved high up on my travel bucket list. 


As my partner and I are huge fans of traveling slow, we decided to spend those 3 days rather in Trinidad and discover one of the aspects that make Trinidad and Tobago one of the most fascinating travel destinations: its Hindu culture.

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How Negative Experiences Lead Me to the Best Decision of my Life

Post written by Rhiannon Robertson

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Street Art in Georgetown Penang

Ever since I was a little girl, I was fascinated by different culture and how different people lived in countries all around the world. When my cousin and I played with our barbie dolls - hers would have a big white wedding, a house, a husband and lots of children. My barbie wanted to travel the world, trek through jungles, stay with tribes in the Amazon or help build houses in Africa.

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Trinidad and Tobago: Waterfalls, Beaches and Bays

trinidad, tobago, beaches, food, music, carnival, trini, soca, sailing, venezuela, time, flag, airport, festival, accent, all inclusive, food, hotels, history, slave, rhum, indian, hindu, jobs, kite surfing, bays, waterfall, hiking, trekking, music

In Trinidad, the larger island of Trinidad and Tobago, life for a tourist isn't easy. You get there with no expectations, with no ideas what this twin island country might hold for you. I have to admit that traveling to Trinidad and Tobago was never part of our plan.


But after reaching Barbados thanks to our boat hitchhiking adventure, we were just outraged by the prices of Rihanna's birthplace. It was draining our travel budget and we HAD to get off the island asap. That's how we ended up booking the cheapest flight to wherever. Which was Trinidad and Tobago. After immersing myself in one of the few guide books I could find, I had to realize that there are so many things to do on these exotic islands that I could probably stay weeks without getting to see it all.

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To Travel or Not to Travel: Is That Really a Question?

Post written by Amy Rebecca Krigsman

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Castillo San Pedro de la Roca, Santiago de Cuba

“Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” – Mary Ritter Beard


For the last several years, I have been going on and on about being fed up with the 9-to-5 rat race that is my, and so many other people’s, life. I simply cannot reconcile in my mind working 40+ hours a week for 40 years to live on 40% of my income just to pay bills until I die. The circular logic alone is dizzying. But more than that, I have an insatiable lust to be anywhere but here, wherever "here" happens to be for the moment.

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Luxembourg's First Blog Award

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Your vote means the world to me :)

I am so excited to share the news: Luxembourg is organizing its first blog award!


First you might think: Luxembourg? Where/What is this?


(This question is not as absurd as it might initially seem: too many people asked me this during my travels or my expat stay in Spain...)


For clarity, take a look on my travel section on Luxembourg!


Ok, we got it, Luxembourg is a country


It's just a city, right? Like Liechtenstein isn't it? Ehm... nope!


Ah, got it, it's a tiny country in the heart of Europe... but is there actually more than one blogger? - Oh hell yes!

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How Studying Abroad Changed Me

Post written by Ariel Weihl

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We missed our original flight to Dublin due to train issues, but when I got there and saw this view, I didn’t so much mind the fact that I had spent an extra $80 on a new ticket

Making the choice to study abroad in Paris for a semester was the craziest thing I’ve done in my life. I was about to embark on a four-month adventure in a country I had never been to, at a school that I knew pretty much nothing about, and in a city that had, for some unfortunate reasons, recently been in the news.


This was my first trip out of the U.S. and I was going to spend it flying solo for four months in a place that, frankly, my family wasn’t thrilled with me visiting at the time.


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Hiking in Luxembourg: Fairy-tale Castles in Hollenfels and Ansembourg

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Hikers, Luxembourg is made for you! There are so many trails in this tiny country that I guarantee you'll not be able to do them all in 1 week. After being on the road for almost 6 months and hitchhiking the Atlantic ocean, I can't wait to discover the hidden gems of my lovely little Luxembourg.


Maybe, the only Grand-Duchy in the world cannot show off with super high peaks, but it can definitely exhibit some of the most romantic fairy-tale castles in Europe. Without any exception, all of them can be combined with exciting hiking trails. In this post I want to show you 2 less known castles in the country's center: Hollenfels and Ansembourg.

[Versión española abajo]

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